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How to Fashion Sex Dolls' Dream Wig?

Sex dolls should not be disregarded when it comes to appearance and makeup, even hair. Initially, a wig would be worn by any practical sex doll. Over time, though, you will find it appropriate to buy more and more wigs, including Sex Doll Sex experience. Wigs are stunning and serve to improve the doll's attractiveness and diversify the doll's look.

Wigs come in varying colors, lengths and volumes. It depends on the personal choice and skin tone of the wig you purchase for a sex doll. Some individuals will do their utmost to supply their sex dolls with a range of looks, but they need to know that they need more methods of washing and upkeep and time before wearing them on the head of the sex doll. Furthermore, the maintenance of wigs relies primarily on the substance of the wig. Because of their genetic makeup and fiber variations, wigs made from human hair are handled differently from silicone wigs.

Where to buy doll wigs for sex?

The wigs the sex dolls wear are the same as those that women use. Therefore, it would not be that difficult to purchase a wig. A certain scale only needs to be ensured. In addition to offline barber shops, in our ESDOLL department, you can even buy wigs.

Sex Doll Wig Clean/care

The most critical aspect of the repair of sex doll wigs may be this. The cleaner the wig, the better the sex doll would be to bond with. And in real life, people can stay away from you if their hair smells or is dirty. To ensure their service life, washing sex doll wigs is therefore the primary duty.

A basin, comb, shampoo and towel are the equipment required. Filling the basin with warm water is the first step. Apply a little shampoo to the bath when done, then gently swirl in the foam for later use. Next, absolutely immerse the wig in water, but do not squeeze or push it in any way, and allow it to soak for a few minutes.

To ensure that all the shampoo is rinsed out, extract the wig from the bath and flush it with clean warm water, then gently pinch the wig to remove excess water, wrap the wig with a towel and pat the remaining water off. For a couple of minutes, stop intense sunlight and let the wig dry in a cool spot. Remove and scrub gently with a comb when finished, to remove any tangles, then oil and stock.

Tips on how to comb the love doll's wig

On occasion, without having to wash it, it is appropriate to comb the doll's wig. In this case, to prevent piercing the skin, please cut the wig from the doll's head. Please use your fingers to work with the tangles before using the brush to brush your teeth softly from the tip to the root, and then use a water spray bottle to spray some warm water on the wig to keep it moist. Stop unnecessary shedding by not pulling it tight. A certain amount of shedding, of course, is necessary.

How to correctly wear a doll wig for sex?

This is as simple as tossing it on the head, several individuals believe, but it's not.

Method 1: Wearing it on the head like a natural hat is the best way to wear a wig. Around the edge of the brain, the elastic side will keep it in place. This is not an ideal choice, but you can easily wear it.

Method 2: This is a method which is safer and firmer. You'll have to wear a wig cap first, slide the wig slowly to the top of the wig cap, and change it on both sides. Then, use a hair clip to fix the wig and the edge of the chosen region of the wig cap together.

Method 3: Close, but better and stronger, to the second method. Use Velcro to fix the wig and the wig cap together, simple to wear, and easy to take off! Do not use hair clips.

Method 4: To prevent staining the clothing, avoid using dark wigs on sex dolls. Adhesives and wig glue, in comparison, can cause damage to the skin of sex dolls, significantly limiting their longevity. Another recommendation is to avoid using especially tight elastic bands to patch the wig, since if used for too long; it can leave dents and bruises. For the doll, just pick the correct wig size, then brush it and keep it clean.